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How to Reset Android Phone [Ultimate Guide]

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how to reset android phoneIn this article, we are going to deal with How to Reset Android Phone and also other factors that force us to reset our devices. Generally, like our personal computers the smartphones gets slowed down as we keep on adding new applications. Slowing down of the device is one of the biggest problem the we face as we always wants our devices to run with jet speed.

Most of the devices gets slowed down as our usage increases and there are many reasons behind it. If you are willing to speed-up your Android Device, you are having an awesome option “reset android phone” which helps you to get your device on track. When you reset android phone, you’ll be erasing the entire data of your device which includes application, messages, emails, etc., and you’ll get everything back as that of your device when you bought it.

We generally consider the option of resetting the android device to a Factory data reset option, expecting it to clear the entire data, which might not be the right consideration at times as there might be some data existing in your device or SD card. So, if you have decided to reset android phone, you need to think beyond the Factory data reset option.

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There are few reasons why we reset our Android Devices.

  • Your device gets freezed frequently while scrolling down the home screen.
  • Generally takes more time to open the application than it normally does.
  • Performance and Battery life of the device drains really fast.
  • Force close down of apps and many other annoying things makes us to reset our device.

Considering all these major reasons, we may have to reset android phone, that might help us to improve the speed and performance of the device.

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What happens if we Reset android phone?

Make sure that you strictly make an analysis before resetting your device. One wrong analysis might lead to loss of valuable data or time. Let us check out, what are we going to lose if we reset our android phones.

  • If you’ve rooted your device, your device gets unrooted and the device settings will be restored which.
  • All applications and their associated data will be lost.
  • Contacts, Messages, e-mails will be lost.
  • All your saved data, passwords, personal and synchronized settings will be lost.

So, in order to avoid the data loss while you reset android device, make sure you backup all your information to save your time. You are suggested to take backups using SD Card or other Online storage services like Dropbox, Box.net, etc.

How to Reset Android Phone.

  • Backup all important data to your SD Card using dedicated applications like MyBackup Pro or Online (Cloud) storage services.
  • Make sure that you max charged your device, so that your device doesn’t shut in the middle of the procedure which might result in some-other crappy situation.
  • Go to “Settings” tab -> “Privacy or Storage” option -> search for “Factory data Reset” option -> select it and Tap on “Reset Phone” option (which will give a warning message that you’ll lose your data if you reset android phone, “You are about to delete you data and restore the factory settings”) -> Tap “Erase everything” to proceed.

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  • It generally takes around 4 – 10 minutes in order to complete entire procedure of resetting the device.
Once you are done with resetting your device, you again have to sync your accounts and retrieve your data back to your mobile from the storage sources. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article on how to reset android phone and we’ll be coming up with more posts.

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